Actor Jeff Daniels isn't a fan of being a white man.

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Most in the media say they just report the facts. But is that true?

Joe Concha says no. He writes about media for The Hill. 

He points out that even as fires raged behind reporters during protests, the media still call the protests “mostly peaceful.”

“We've seen billions and billions of dollars in damage,” says Concha, “Yet you have news organizations saying, ‘this isn’t that bad."

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Fireside Chat with Dennis Prager:

Yeonmi Park, a North Korean defector, suffered unimaginable horror on her journey to freedom. Desperate from starvation and oppression, she managed to escape to China, but had been sold. Several years later, she escaped through the Gobi Desert into Mongolia and then finally to freedom in South Korea. Once at university in America, she recognized the same propaganda tactics of North Korea being used at Columbia University. She has an incredible story and we’re honored to bring it to you.

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American Thought Leaders, Jan Jekielek

Konstantin Kisin: In a Society Gone Mad, Don’t Be a Useful Idiot

“That’s one of the things I learned growing up in my early years in the Soviet Union … When society goes mad, it’s your job … to be honest and truthful about what’s going on.”

In this episode, Jan sits down with Konstantin Kisin, the London-based co-host of the “TRIGGERnometry” podcast and author of the upcoming book, “An Immigrant’s Love Letter to the West.”

They discuss our current political moment, from vaccine mandates to the spread of critical race theory.

“Do not suspend your own judgment about right and wrong, about morality, about truth and justice, for the sake of some system or some oppressive ideology or for convenience or for not being fired from work. Do not be a useful idiot because you will regret it,” Kisin says.

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Jordan Peterson:

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How did that happen?

Answer: Less government, fewer regulations and free enterprise.

John Stossel's producer Maxim Lott has spent two months investigating.

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Robin DiAngelo asserts that no matter who you are if you're white (caucasian), you are a racist, no ifs, ands, or buts. DiAngelo has invented a new framework for what defines racism and white supremacy. This framework is not only illogical; it’s toxic, shallow, and destructive. It’s pseudo-science, and has no place in any serious and genuine conversation about race. 

In the video below she says: "I felt so loudly white that I remember being hesitant to go outside."

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Dr Jordan Peterson is joined by Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla to discuss their documentary “No Safe Spaces”. We got into the issues that arose regarding the distribution of the film, as well as other matters such as free speech, controversy, religion, and more.

Dennis Prager is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host who is heard on 300 stations across America and around the world. He is the co-founder and president of Prager University and is a New York Times Bestselling author of 10 books.

Adam Carolla, best known as a multi-talented comedian, actor, radio personality, television host, and New York Times Bestselling author. Carolla hosts the Adam Carolla show which holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the most downloaded podcast in the world.

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Watch “No Safe Spaces”:

There’s a good reason to ask.

You see, even though people are living LONGER than ever, the media wants you to believe that global warming presents an immediate and existential threat. People believe it. Some even claim to be glad to never have grandchildren.

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“I can’t believe that the left, with its long tradition of fighting for free speech” is “just giving [that] up,” says feminist author and journalist Naomi Wolf.

Wolf, a longtime liberal and former adviser to the political campaigns of both Bill Clinton and Al Gore, breaks down the dangers she sees inherent to vaccine passports and a “scary marriage” of government, big pharma, and Big Tech censorship. “We’ve reached a kind of digital Stalinism,” Wolf says.

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"I Have an Antifa Flag on My [Classroom] Wall"

Teacher actively indoctrinating his students to become ANTIFA Marxists. Would you like him teaching in your child's school?

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Who opposes the oil sands and why? Learn the truth behind Canada's oil sands opponents, and why so much opposition has been organized against one of the most socially and environmentally responsible oil producers on the planet.

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OAN - Tipping Point

Jon Gabriel: "Destruction of the Christian Churches in Canada based on a false narrative of the Left."

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Hamas is not a social justice movement, and it certainly does not care about the Palestinian people. It is a criminal gang that only cares about increasing its own power.

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“Socialism has been tried 41 times in the last 100 years … and there are exactly 41 failures,” says Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, author of “Conscious Capitalism.”

American Thought Leaders Host Jan Jekielek:

"In this interview, filmed at the FreedomFest in South Dakota, I sat down with Whole Foods CEO John Mackey to discuss the deceiving allure of socialism, his philosophy of “conscious capitalism,” and why Nordic countries are actually not socialist, contrary to what many may claim."

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American Thought Leaders Exclusive: Victor Davis Hanson

There will be “no safe space, no sanctuary from wokeism until the system starts to erode the safety and the security of the elite that created it,” says classicist and historian Victor Davis Hanson.

In this episode, Hanson breaks down the problems he sees plaguing American society today, from the assault on meritocracy to the “Frankenstein monster” of moral relativism.

Throughout society today, elites justify their control of or manipulation of information as for the good of the people, Hanson says. It’s the “noble lie”: “I’m smarter than you. I’m your platonic guardian. I can lie for your own good…Just don’t dare suggest I’m lying,” Hanson says.

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