If you thought you hated the mainstream media, stop and consider that maybe you don’t hate them enough.

Addendum to Previous post on Anarcho-Tyranny in Canada as seen through Coutts Trial by Autonomous Truck(er)s

Some links came to me late, and a VERY interesting development.

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Grave Error: How The Media Misled Us

Canadian academic and author Dr. Tom Flanagan discusses the false media narrative of 'unmarked graves' at a former Kamloops residential school. Tom's new book, Grave Error: How The Media Misled Us (and the Truth about Residential Schools), is a call to reason against the moral panic unleashed on May 27, 2021.

Buy the book "Grave Error" by Dr. Tom Flanagan

Canada was once so much more. Then we elected Justin Trudeau.

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Why is this relevant to the withdrawal of the AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine? Well, as any good pharmacy student will also know, the thalidomide tragedy led to the formation of the Committee on Safety of...

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When – or perhaps if – Canadians think about “foreign aid”, they probably imagine idealistic aid workers treating patients in a remote health clinic, a technical expert designing a new bridge or...

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While more and more Canadians rely on food banks POS Trudeau, and the Libs, live high on the hog ON OUR TAXES Read: Airplane food cost more than $220K on Trudeau's Indo-Pacific trip

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