Brothers Josh and Nick Alexander are evangelical Christians who have become known in Canada for taking vocal stances against COVID-era mandates and gender ideology in schools.
They were highly active in Canada’s Freedom Convoy and the Million March for Children, a walk-out protest against gender ideology. They’ve been arrested multiple times and faced major backlash for their activism.
Josh Alexander was suspended and ultimately banned from physically attending his Catholic high school after protesting against transgender individuals using the bathroom of their choice and saying that there are only two genders.

Grave Error: How The Media Misled Us

Canadian academic and author Dr. Tom Flanagan discusses the false media narrative of 'unmarked graves' at a former Kamloops residential school. Tom's new book, Grave Error: How The Media Misled Us (and the Truth about Residential Schools), is a call to reason against the moral panic unleashed on May 27, 2021.

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