Menzies’ arrest in Richmond Hill became emblematic of the precarious condition of free speech in Canada. It was noticed by journalists and commentators around the world. Incredibly, three more arrests would follow – and the year is barely half-done.

The sight of a journalist getting roughed up and hustled off by police as he tries to ask a question of a public figure in a public place is one you might expect to witness in a banana republic or present-day Russia. But it has happened four times in Canada just this year to veteran journalist David Menzies of Rebel News. Menzies is an old-fashioned street journalist – right down to his trademark fedora – asking straight questions and digging for the truth no matter the consequences. In this instalment of C2C’s Courageous Canadians series, Associate Editor Brock Eldon sits down with Menzies to talk about his run-ins with the law, his determination to publish without fear or favour, and the state of Canadian journalism.

Read:  Arresting Developments: The Persecution of David Menzies and the Fight for Media Freedom in Canada

Grave Error: How The Media Misled Us

Canadian academic and author Dr. Tom Flanagan discusses the false media narrative of 'unmarked graves' at a former Kamloops residential school. Tom's new book, Grave Error: How The Media Misled Us (and the Truth about Residential Schools), is a call to reason against the moral panic unleashed on May 27, 2021.

Buy the book "Grave Error" by Dr. Tom Flanagan

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