MP Michelle Ferreri presenting a petition in the House of Commons calling on the house to hold a non-confidence vote in the Trudeau government. "You know there's people watching that who're going, 'what, I didn't know there was a petition! I wish I signed!'" Drea commented. "What does that say to the Liberals? How do they not have their tail between their legs at that point?"

Grave Error: How The Media Misled Us

Canadian academic and author Dr. Tom Flanagan discusses the false media narrative of 'unmarked graves' at a former Kamloops residential school. Tom's new book, Grave Error: How The Media Misled Us (and the Truth about Residential Schools), is a call to reason against the moral panic unleashed on May 27, 2021.

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Thursday, 08 February 2024 04:39

In lawless Commiefornia everyone stands around watching crime take place and do nothing. Very sad. Soft On Crime Socialist Policies are causing societal decay.

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