The COVID vaccines are killing some young healthy people.

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VAERS, health institutions and health authorities are failing the public.

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Dr. Martin Kulldorf explains that the vaccines against COVID-19 are effective at reducing the risk of death or hospitalization from COVID-19, and says that for the elderly or anyone who is considered "at risk," getting the vaccine should be a "no-brainer."

But Kulldorf also notes that while initially effective at reducing the risk of getting or transmitting COVID-19, the vaccines lose their efficacy in this capacity over time.

He also believes that lockdowns in the long run do more harm than good and are ineffective.

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In this interview, Steve Kirsch, executive director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund, reviews some of the COVID jab data he’s presented to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention during various meetings.

  • Data suggest 1 in 317 boys aged 16 to 17 will get myocarditis from the COVID shots, and after a third booster, that number may be even higher
  • VAERS reporting is likely underreported by a factor of 41. Since there are over 8,000 domestic deaths reported to VAERS, and 98% of those deaths are “excess deaths,” this suggests that as many as 300,000 Americans may have died from the COVID shots thus far
  • Calculations based on government data from 35% of the world’s population suggest we’re killing approximately 411 people per million doses on average. Moderna and Pfizer are both two-dose regimens, which pushes this to 822 deaths per million fully vaccinated. And that’s just the short-term mortality. We still have no concept of how these shots might impact mortality and morbidity in the longer term
  • An Italian investigation found that if the COVID mortality definition were changed to only include those cases where there were no preexisting comorbidities, the mortality from COVID comes out to just 2.9% of the overall reported number. This suggests that if a COVID death was redefined to being a death actually “from” COVID rather than “with” COVID, the death count could be substantially smaller than 760,000 deaths and may be smaller than the number killed by the vaccines
  • The deadliest vaccine ever made is the smallpox vaccine, which killed 1 in 1 million vaccinated people. The COVID shots kills 822 per million fully vaccinated, making it more than 800 times deadlier than the deadliest vaccine in human history.

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Angelia Desselle was completely healthy, like nearly all people in her age group, and worked for many years in health care. She said that she had no pressures to take the jab, but today is warning everyone to not experience what she is going through.

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Mainstream media bought and paid for by Pfizer.

The mainstream media earn millions by supporting big pharma, no wonder they're complicit in instilling COVID fear and hysteria.

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Disturbing Pfizer Ad Tells Kids They'll Get Superpowers from COVID Jab.

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A Stop Vax Passports Task Force Webinar

VAERS shows the number of people with possible adverse reactions including death, blood clots, heart issues, and much more, has far surpassed that of all previous vaccines. At any other time, these vaccines would have been pulled from the market. Instead, people who claim to have been injured by the vaccines are ignored, ridiculed, and censored from telling their stories.

Reports of adverse reactions to the vaccine have been suppressed. Where censorship exists, how can consent be informed? The voices of those injured by the vaccine need to be heard.

The administration and its agencies state that the vaccines are proven safe and effective. Without long term studies, how can they know? Why, if children are least at risk, should they be subjected to gene therapies which may indeed injure them or affect their fertility?

The government is forcing new therapies onto children—therapies with questionable records of safety and rushed to market on an emergency basis, short-circuiting much of the usual testing for safety and efficacy. The stated goal is protecting the nation’s elderly and infirm. Is this a form of pharmaceutical child abuse?

Emergency shortcuts amid a pandemic may make sense for immunocompromised and the elderly. But for children aged 5 to 11years, the risk associated with Covid-19 is very low. According to the CDC, out of 737,990 Covid-19 deaths in America, only 455 have been reported in the 0-18 year-old category as of October 27, measuring only .06 percent of deaths. The CDC has not reported whether these young people who died with Covid had co-morbidities, such as cancer, heart disease or diabetes. Nor has the CDC reported whether these children died of Covid, or merely with Covid.

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Video Excerpts:

Dr. Peter McCullough: Covid-19 MRNA vaccines provide no clinical benefit to Children

Dr. Jessica Rose, PhD, MSc, BSc - VAERS: Adverse event reporting and what the data tells us

Dr. Paul Alexander: Vaccines for Children — Unnecessary at Best

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet - The Impact of Covid-19 MRNA Vaccines on Fertility and Hormonal Health

Maddie De Garay’s Story (with the introduction by Reggie Littlejohn)

Ernest Ramirez: My 16-year-old son died five days after receiving the Pfizer vaccine

Angela Wulbrecht - Vaccine injured nurse and her mission to raise awareness

Kathy Turner - CA public school parent opposing vaccine mandates for children


In an exclusive and explosive one-hour interview with Veronika Kyrylenko of The New American, pioneering mRNA scientist Dr. Robert Malone explains the intensely corrupt workings of the government regulatory bodies that have mismanaged the pandemic, discusses the problems with the vaccine program and delves into potentially explosive and game-changing revelations about the shady origins of the Covid-19 pandemic in Wuhan, China.

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The anonymous guest in this interview has previously worked alongside Health Canada for pharmaceutical regulation and review as it pertains to marketing and pricing of market drugs. She holds a Doctor of Pharmacy and Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, and together we dissect the recent British Medical Journal whistleblower publication regarding regulatory misconduct at the lab in Texas responsible for conducting one of Pfizer’s clinical trials.

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In this heartbreaking story, I feature mom Hailey relaying her tragic interactions with the Canadian medical system while trying to advocate for her 7-year-old son, Zander. With a complete fracture of his shoulder (his humerus bone), he has been on the receiving end of dehumanizing treatment as though he is some sort of inherent danger — a disease vector — all because he is medically exempt from wearing a mask as per a note from his specialist.

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You might be wondering why have there been so many news stories, even coming from mainstream media sites, which report young people including athletes suddenly dying or having injuries? The former VP at Pfizer, Dr. Michael Yeadon connects this sudden increase in youth deaths and injuries directly to the COVID jabs.

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Read The New American Article - Young american atheletes are being killed and injured by COVID jabs.

In this interview, Dr. Meryl Nass, an internist specializing in toxicology, vaccine-induced illnesses and Gulf War sickness, shares her insights into the dangers of the COVID jab, which October 26, 2021, received emergency use authorization for children as young as five.

We also discuss the conflicts of interest within the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that seem to be behind this reckless decision, and how the agency pulled the wool over our eyes with its approval of Pfizer/BioNTech’s Comirnaty COVID injection.

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INTERVIEW: Emergency room doctor who fled from Canada to the United States

His thoughts on the vaccine mandates and severe health-care staff shortages that we're presently suffering with across our country. 

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Here is an Associate Editor of the British Medical Journal, bona fide expert in drug approval processes and associated data analysis - so cannot be censored, or ignored. Dr. Peter Doshi in an official meeting called by Senator Ron Johnson, gives a crucial 5 minutes calling for a return to critical and rational thinking. A hugely important discussion that all critical thinkers should be having.

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Dr. Charles Hoffe is a family physician who has experience working with patients with adverse recreations to COVID-19 vaccines, and has recently began to conduct D-dimer testing on vaccinated people to better understand what may be contributing to such injuries.

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