A Stop Vax Passports Task Force Webinar

VAERS shows the number of people with possible adverse reactions including death, blood clots, heart issues, and much more, has far surpassed that of all previous vaccines. At any other time, these vaccines would have been pulled from the market. Instead, people who claim to have been injured by the vaccines are ignored, ridiculed, and censored from telling their stories.

Reports of adverse reactions to the vaccine have been suppressed. Where censorship exists, how can consent be informed? The voices of those injured by the vaccine need to be heard.

The administration and its agencies state that the vaccines are proven safe and effective. Without long term studies, how can they know? Why, if children are least at risk, should they be subjected to gene therapies which may indeed injure them or affect their fertility?

The government is forcing new therapies onto children—therapies with questionable records of safety and rushed to market on an emergency basis, short-circuiting much of the usual testing for safety and efficacy. The stated goal is protecting the nation’s elderly and infirm. Is this a form of pharmaceutical child abuse?

Emergency shortcuts amid a pandemic may make sense for immunocompromised and the elderly. But for children aged 5 to 11years, the risk associated with Covid-19 is very low. According to the CDC, out of 737,990 Covid-19 deaths in America, only 455 have been reported in the 0-18 year-old category as of October 27, measuring only .06 percent of deaths. The CDC has not reported whether these young people who died with Covid had co-morbidities, such as cancer, heart disease or diabetes. Nor has the CDC reported whether these children died of Covid, or merely with Covid.

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Video Excerpts:

Dr. Peter McCullough: Covid-19 MRNA vaccines provide no clinical benefit to Children

Dr. Jessica Rose, PhD, MSc, BSc - VAERS: Adverse event reporting and what the data tells us

Dr. Paul Alexander: Vaccines for Children — Unnecessary at Best

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet - The Impact of Covid-19 MRNA Vaccines on Fertility and Hormonal Health

Maddie De Garay’s Story (with the introduction by Reggie Littlejohn)

Ernest Ramirez: My 16-year-old son died five days after receiving the Pfizer vaccine

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