In this two-part interview, emergency physician Dr. Daniel Nagase speaks both professionally and personally about his experiences, observations, and insights during the “pandemic”.

Part 1 begins with a detailed account of the how his efforts to treat COVID patients at a hospital in Rimby, Alberta, Canada, were sabotaged by the hospital and public health officials, putting the lives of his patients at risk, and violating informed consented. Undaunted, Dr. Nagase details the fallout, as well as his proactive stance of going to the RCMP to deal with some of the perpetrators…. He then explains three potential cancer mechanisms of the experimental gene therapy injections and their relevance to the push to get children “vaccinated” today.

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Part 2 picks up where Part 1 (rather abruptly – apologies) left off, and has Dr. Nagase detail the inane and unscientific nature of the statements and claims made by the medical provincial governing bodies and public health officers as the basis for his clinical duty suspension and subsequent practice restrictions. Dr. Nagase also waxes practical, philosophical, and even spiritual regarding what is actually happening and the motivations behind the “official narrative”, including the unfathomable drive to inject our children….

The last 15 minutes of the video consist of a very recent “mini medical school” lecture by Dr. Daniel Nagase, as a response to the erroneous and confusing statements made by the Registrar and C.E.O. of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta in a letter outlining the restrictions he must now abide by.

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