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In December of 2020, Dr. Jessica Rose started downloading and analyzing the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) weekly updates. (The system began rolling out updates only on December 17th in the U.S.)

With a Bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics, a Master’s degree in immunology, a Ph.D. in computational biology, and postdoctoral degrees in both molecular biology and biochemistry, her educational and research background was eclectic to say the least, and powerfully synergistic, wide-ranging, and expertly competent to engage in this undertaking.

What followed was Dr. Rose's descent into a rabbit hole of inconsistencies, missing data, loss of safety signals and an inexcusably inadequate data collection system with vastly underreported adverse events and deaths that stoked the fires of dissent against the official narrative of the “vaccines” and indeed, the “pandemic" itself.....

Dr. Rose’s Substack contains many informative and engaging articles:

Dr. Rose’s website is full of excellent references including articles, documents and videos:

Dr. Rose was part of Steve Kirsch’s recent group ready for a planned, recorded debate against proponents of the official narrative, who “no-showed”: