Tess Lawrie is an MD and PHD, external analyst for the World Health Organization, and an expert in analysis of medical evidence.

One of the virtues of meta-analysis is that it allows conclusions to be adjusted with changing evidence. One Randomized Controlled Trial included in the BIRD Group's meta-analysis of Ivermectin has been challenged in The Guardian. It is unclear if the study in question is fatally flawed. In this clip, Tess Lawrie shows us what happens to the meta-analysis when the suspect study is eliminated. Answer: the estimate of the medication's effectiveness change somewhat (prevention of death drop's from 62% to 49%. Prophylactic effectiveness goes up slightly from 86% to 87%. Confidence intervals become somewhat wider).

The conclusion of the analysis remains the same: Ivermectin reduces deaths substantially and is a very effective preventive measure against the contraction of COVID-19.

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