"Those who are not vulnerable should immediately be allowed to resume life as normal. Simple hygiene measures, such as hand washing and staying home when sick should be practiced by everyone to reduce the herd immunity threshold. Schools and universities should be open for in-person teaching. Extracurricular activities, such as sports, should be resumed. Young low-risk adults should work normally, rather than from home. Restaurants and other businesses should open. Arts, music, sport and other cultural activities should resume. People who are more at risk may participate if they wish, while society as a whole enjoys the protection conferred upon the vulnerable by those who have built up herd immunity.Visit https://gbdeclaration.org/

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Health authorities and government officials have proven their incompetence during this pandemic. From the beginning, they neglected and actually prevented safe and effective treatments from being widely used — a decision that has resulted in unnecessary deaths and needless suffering.

This week, we celebrate our 12th anniversary of Vaccine Awareness Week. In this video, Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) — which will celebrate its 40th anniversary as an organization in April 2022 — summarizes some of the high and low points we've experienced over the past year.

The COVID-19 shots are waking people up to vaccine myths, such as the idea that vaccination always prevents infection and transmission, and is the only way to achieve herd immunity. The truth is that many vaccines don’t prevent infection or transmission, and vaccine-acquired immunity is typically temporary. Sometimes you don't get it at all.
Over the past 18 months, the number of people asking questions about vaccine safety has grown significantly. The subscriber base to the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)’s The Vaccine Reaction journal newspaper has increased by more than 50%.
After 9/11, Congress and the pharmaceutical industry got together and passed BioShield legislation that expands liability protection for drug companies marketing pandemic drugs and vaccines in the U.S.
The PREP Act’s Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP) is so inadequate, if you’re injured by a drug or vaccine used under a public health emergency declaration, it’s nearly impossible to receive compensation.
Health authorities and government officials have proven their incompetence during this pandemic. From the beginning, they neglected and actually prevented safe and effective treatments from being widely used — a decision that has resulted in unnecessary deaths and needless suffering.

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Read the full article here:

More information: https://www.nvic.org/


Covid-19 Innoculation adverse effects is being under reported and suppressed.

Drea Humphrey takes a look at a letter sent by B.C. health-care workers to government officials outlining their concerns surrounding COVID-19 (Read The Letter Now) and hears Dr. Stephen Malthouse's opinion on the letter and similar issues he has with the government.

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Dr Bridle: "These Covid-19 vaccines are garbage."

In this exclusive interview with leading viral immunologist and vaccinologist Dr. Byram Bridle, we discuss his concerns surrounding COVID-19 vaccines and his experiences as a leading researcher fighting against scientific and medical censorship.

We discuss his concerns around this never-before-seen technology being injected en masse into Canadians.

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Dr. Howard Tenenbaum believes that if the body is an inopportune host for viral infection, then the virus cannot replicate and cause inflammation.

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Watch Now: Matt Walsh speaks truth to power.

Ontario Civil Liberties Associantion researcher Dr. Denis Rancourt and several fellow Canadian academics penned an open letter to support those who have decided not to accept the COVID-19 vaccine.

The group emphasizes the voluntary nature of this medical treatment as well as the need for informed consent and individual risk-benefit assessment. They reject the pressure exerted by public health officials, the news and social media, and fellow citizens.

Control over our bodily integrity may well be the ultimate frontier of the fight to protect civil liberties. Read the letter Here or as a PDF Here.

Should people who have recovered from COVID-19 and are naturally immune be expected to get vaccinated?

Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, professor of psychiatry and behavioral science at the University of California–Irvine, is adamant that they should not. He’s suing the school system’s president and Board of Regents over its coronavirus vaccination mandate.

“I’m going to be excluded or another natural immune person is going to be excluded from coming to campus, from going to school, or from working at the university because we have immunity that’s conferred by having had the virus [rather than] … immunity conferred by the vaccine,” he said.

In this interview, he explains how certain data being used to justify mandatory vaccination isn’t all that it seems. For example, the numbers on children and adolescents being hospitalized for COVID-19, for example, can be inflated by the way that they’re measured.

Beyond any function they serve in curbing spread of the virus, mandatory measures, Dr. Aaron Kheriaty argues, pose a serious and long-standing danger to people’s basic rights to privacy and freedom.

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The powers that be are not fond of us little people hearing from experts like Dr Steven Pelech, Dr Paul Alexander or Dr Harvey Risch. This is because they are among the most qualified voices on the subjects at hand, and they are not in line with the political or MSM narrative. That means we should be listening extra closely! 

If not addressed by real science the MSM and power drunk politico's will whip themselves into a frenzy... and more lockdowns. Without resistance, pushback, or real science we will be in for serious trouble. 

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Ivermectin Saves Lives


In August, 2021, Dr. Anthony Fauci was asked to describe what he would want in the perfect anti-viral COVID-19 therapeutic. What he described was ivermectin—a safe, cheap, globally available, highly effective Nobel Prize-winning drug that can end the pandemic with widespread use.

Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance

Previous COVID-19 Infection Protects Against Delta Variant Better Than Pfizer Vaccine: Israeli Study

People who have previously recovered from COVID-19 have been observed to have better protection against the Delta variant of the CCP virus compared to those who received the Pfizer–BioNTech vaccine, according to a study from Israel.

“This analysis demonstrated that natural immunity affords longer-lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease, and hospitalization due to the Delta variant,” researchers from Maccabi Healthcare and Tel Aviv University said.

“This is the largest real-world observational study comparing natural immunity, gained through previous SARS-CoV-2 infection, to vaccine-induced immunity, afforded by the BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine.”   Read The Study (particularly pages 15 - 17)


CDC and WHO Revisions To Word "Vaccine"

The CDC’s website recently made a quiet revision. Without much fanfare, they changed the definition of the word vaccine. It now, officially, no longer means that you are immune from infection.

Meanwhile, during a recent interview on CNN, Dr. Anthony Fauci made a very interesting statement.

While he was on air, Fauci was asked about a large study in Israel, which found that natural immunity to COVID-19 after a previous infection was up to 13 times stronger than the immunity obtained through a vaccine.

And so he was asked directly: why should a person who already had COVID-19 get vaccinated?

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Dr. Dan Stock of Indiana speaks truth to Covid Insanity.

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Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD is on a mission to spread medical truth about COVID-19, the jab, and early treatments. She points out that people who've experienced vaccine injuries should "not suffer in silence."  Visit (Truth For Health)

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The Covid-19 Vaccine WILL NOT protect you from future SARS COV2 variants, in fact the the vaccines are causing the virus mutations. This is ideal for the big pharma manufacturers because they will then continue making boosters ad infintum for each new mutant. $$$$

Watch Joe Rogan discussion with Bret Weinstein Sept 09, 2021

In the video above Bret talks about Geert Vanden Bossche who is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine who has specialist expertise in virology and vaccinology who predicted the ongoing mutations of the virus that are occurring now.

Geert has worked in industry in the construction of vaccines, and in the non profit sector working to bring immunity to larger numbers of people. Find Geert on his website: https://www.geertvandenbossche.org/ Find Geert on Twitter: @GVDBossche

Watch Bret's original conversation with Geert on April 22, 2021

Truth Over News - Jeff Carlson, Hans Mahncke

We now know that Dr. Anthony Fauci has repeatedly lied to the public. He lied to the Trump administration. He lied to members of Congress. And he lied to the American public. Fauci lied about the virus’s origins, and he lied about the role he played in funding the gain-of-function work done at the lab.

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Dr. Pierre Kory: There have been 39 peer reviewed trials proving Ivermectin success in treating and preventing Covid-19.

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American Thought Leaders, with Jan Jekielek

“We need to confront the data … not try to cover stuff up or hide risks,” says mRNA vaccine pioneer Dr. Robert Malone.

What does the most recent peer-reviewed research say about the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines? In this two-part episode, we sit down again with Dr. Malone for a comprehensive look at the vaccines, booster shots, repurposed drugs like ivermectin, and the ethics of vaccine mandates.

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Has the CDC admitted there is a problem with the PCR?

PCR Tests cannot accurately test for Covid-19. The test does not serve your best interest.

What is everyone dying from?
What is the Delta variant?
What about Covid antibodies?

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Dr Sam will take you back to December 2019 and highlight some of the key concepts that have been used to FUEL the Covid-19 crisis. The pandemic was created out of thin air and there is no evidence the PCR test can diagnose Covid-19.

Once Upon A Time In Wuhan


Dr. Samantha Bailey

In this interview, Thomas Lewis, Ph.D., and Dr. Michael Carter explain how biomarker panels can help you take control of your health by identifying underlying chronic infections that might be sabotaging your health. Lewis is a microbiologist with a Ph.D. from MIT and certifications from the Harvard School of Public Health and Carter is an integrative physician.

• A biomarker panel can help you identify underlying chronic infections that might be sabotaging your health, contributing to chronic disease and raising your risk of severe COVID-19
• A number of infectious pathogens can trigger chronic diseases that also predispose you to more severe COVID-19. Primary culprits include bacteria involved in periodontal disease and chlamydia pneumoniae, a respiratory pathogen that 60% to 70% of older adults have antibodies against
• Chlamydia pneumoniae plays a role in several common age-related conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis
• If you have elevations in white blood cell markers, then you likely have an infectious process going on in your body. There’s also a direct correlation between antibody levels and the risk of disease; the higher your antibody level, the greater your risk of chronic disease
• The Health Revival Partners’ panel tests for markers that are modifiable through lifestyle interventions and specific treatments for underlying comorbidities including: immune health status, clotting factors, chronic infections, tissue destruction markers and auto-antibodies.

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Tess Lawrie is an MD and PHD, external analyst for the World Health Organization, and an expert in analysis of medical evidence.

One of the virtues of meta-analysis is that it allows conclusions to be adjusted with changing evidence. One Randomized Controlled Trial included in the BIRD Group's meta-analysis of Ivermectin has been challenged in The Guardian. It is unclear if the study in question is fatally flawed. In this clip, Tess Lawrie shows us what happens to the meta-analysis when the suspect study is eliminated. Answer: the estimate of the medication's effectiveness change somewhat (prevention of death drop's from 62% to 49%. Prophylactic effectiveness goes up slightly from 86% to 87%. Confidence intervals become somewhat wider).

The conclusion of the analysis remains the same: Ivermectin reduces deaths substantially and is a very effective preventive measure against the contraction of COVID-19.

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Medical Misinformation. Who is really spreading it? We discuss scientific data and debate.

Watch Now: Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance


Visit FLCCC Website for more information on Covid-19 protocols. 


Today we have Dr Byram Bridle, Dr Bonnie Mallard, and Dr Harvey Risch to provide an update on the controversial subject of “ Co\/id Inoculations" in Canada. What's going on you ask?

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Two jab-free B.C.-based medical professionals, and one respiratory therapist from California named Danee Dixon, who says she is suffering from a severe vaccine injury after taking the Pfizer vaccination speak out.

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