In mid July a fire was sparked at White Rock Lake in the Douglas Lake Ranch zone. Roughly 40km away, the people of Monte Lake and Paxton Valley would have never expected it would hit their doorstep, but it did. On August 5th the fire tore through the community and information was scarcely available on what actually occurred. I decided to make my way in passed main road closures via a number of backroads and into the valley so I could investigate what occurred and what the BCWildfire Service and people of Paxton Valley and Monte Lake were doing about it. What I witnessed inside was shocking.

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For the people of Monte Lake and Paxton valley, the battle against the fire was not over after I had last left them. There was more to their story that needed to be told.

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Video taken and narrated by a stay-behind homeowner in Paxton Valley over the 30 hour period after the White Rock fire in BC jumped highway 97 and crossed from the west side of Monte Lake to the East side. This is an amateur video taken during the event and is therefore shaky, has wind noise, and is not of professional. 

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