Commentary by: Janice Fiamengo. Janice Fiamengo is retired professor of English at the University of Ottawa. Her latest book is “Sons of Feminism: Men Have Their Say.”

"Reaction to ethics professor Julie Ponesse’s short videos explaining her refusal to accept the COVID-19 injections mandated by her employer, Western University’s Huron University College in Ontario, could have been predicted.

On one side, she has been lauded as a hero for standing up against what many now-sidelined individuals regard as an act of inhumane coercion. On the other (official) side, she has been sneered at as a fool, her various arguments deemed unworthy of respectful response. Whatever else it has done, her public stand has highlighted the vast chasm between those who raise human rights objections to vaccine mandates and our government-supported and complicit intellectual elite."

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