By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition

"Remember, all of this was a ‘conspiracy theory’ at one point.

When the government continually shifts the goalposts, and when people increasingly realize that both the political class and establishment press are unreliable and more interested in holding on to power than in speaking the truth, it’s no wonder that they look for honest alternatives.

And, since the government fears honest reporting of their hypocritical actions and anti-freedom agenda, they seek to silence those critics. Add to that the ability to keep the population financially desperate and dependent on the government due to the weakening of our purchasing power, and it is clear beyond any doubt that the Trudeau government is pushing Canada in a deeply authoritarian direction.

The lesson from all of this is that when the populace concedes even a shred of freedom, that only feeds the hunger of politicians for more power and control.

Under the Trudeau government, the idea of Canada as a ‘free’ country is quickly fading away."

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