Ontario’s chief medical officer of health, Dr. Kieran Moore whose COVID19 health policies were divisive and unethical, had a conflict of interest through his work with medical oligarch and COVID vaccine manufacturer Pfizer. 

Dr. Moore also did not declare his Pfizer-affiliated work with the Canadian Lyme Disease Research Network.

The Deputy Minister of Health, which is who he would have declared his conflicts of interest to, is now Dr. Catherine Zahn, who was was appointed two months after Moore, in August 2021. If Moore declared anything, it would have been to the previous deputy minister, Helen Angus.

As of her appointment as deputy minister of health, Zahn stepped down from her role as President and CEO of CAMH which is the Canadian Addictions and Medical health. While Zahn was still president and CEO of CAMH, it received a hefty donations from Pfizer Canada, over 100, 000 dollars. Pfizer is listed as a donor under the “COVID-19 Mental Health & Resiliency Fund,” too. There also an entity listed as Anonymous (1) who has donated over 100 million dollars.