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“Many societies have been constructed around this idea of clean and unclean. That's what we did. And it's grim. It's brutal. It's anti-modern.”

At the Brownstone Institute’s inaugural conference in Hartford, Connecticut, we sat down with Brownstone founder and president Jeffrey Tucker, to discuss vaccine mandates, the devastating consequences of lockdown policies, and his vision to create an intellectual sanctuary for free discussion and scientific inquiry.

“Shutting the schools, closing the churches, sending SWAT teams into rural Texas bars to arrest people for drinking beers—they did all these terrible things. But once they invested so heavily in this population-wide experiment all over the world, now you have a problem, right? Because you've got a ruling class, that's not going to admit error. So that's when the lies began. And the lies have not stopped,” Tucker says.

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Ezra Levant takes a look at Josef Mengele, Karl Brandt and the Nuremberg verdict on the trial of Nazi doctors. The court that tried those horrific Nazis wrote down a code — a series of rules, like the Ten Commandments. It had ten points outlining the medical ethics of human research.
Are we following that code of medical ethics today?

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With John Stossel:

President Biden is at the #COP26 climate summit.

He’ll probably agree to another bad deal like the #ParisClimateAccord.

Here’s why the Paris Climate Accord was ridiculous:

Life in Denmark is back to normal. Sweden and Portugal have removed most COVID restrictions. 

U.S. and Canada still impose ridiculous mask mandates on kids and vaccinated people, even outdoors.

Covid is here to stay. It's not going away. We must learn to live with it and return to normal.

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In their quest to prevent another SARS-like outbreak, Chinese and Western scientists pursued new viruses from bat caves in Southern China. Their efforts would lead them to a mine in Mojiang, China where six miners had fallen ill with COVID-like symptoms.

It was here that Shi Zheng-li of the Wuhan Institute of Virology found the closest known relative to COVID-19. This virus, along with thousands of other virus samples, would be brought back to several labs in Wuhan.

The Chinese lavs were partially funded by Western organizations including Dr. Anthony Fauci's National Instirute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and Peter Daszak's EcoHealth Alliance.

When the COVID-19 pandemic erupted in Wuhan, efforts to promote a natural origins theory while dispelling any discussion of a potential lab leak were spearheaded by Fauci and involved a number of leading Western scientists.

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Ep. 201

Pulling our remaining 2,500 troops out of Afghanistan? Dennis was against it. And he was against it for the reasons we are now witnessing today. Also in the news: chaos, mandates, and tyranny in Australia. Dennis, as always, provides needed perspective and lessons from all of these events. This episode of the Fireside Chat was recorded before the tragic events that occurred on August 26, 2021.

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Dr. Tammy Nemeth speaks with Dr. John Robson of the Climate Discussion Nexus on the issues of China's global ambitions, how it's related to the climate movement and its campaign to destroy the hydrocarbon industry in the Western world, and the push for a net-zero transition.

Dr. Robson is the Executive Director of the Climate Discussion Nexus (CDN), a documentary filmmaker, National Post, Epoch Times, and Loonie Politics columnist, and contributing editor to the Dorchester Review. Dr. Robson is also an adjunct professor at Augustine College.

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Joe Rogan speaks the truth - "We have to protect our freedoms at all cost."

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Michael Yon: The Incentives That Caused a Global Migrant Crisis, from Lithuania to the Darién Gap

“They’re dying in that jungle in huge numbers.” Longtime war correspondent Michael Yon has been tracking the migrant crisis from the Darién Gap in Panama to America’s southern border. Record numbers of people from dozens of countries are making the harrowing journey north through the Darién Gap, says Michael Yon, but “almost all of them have no case for asylum.”

On the other side of the globe, the Belarusian regime has weaponized migrants to cause a crisis for Lithuania and the European Union, Yon says.

Michael Yon has been at the frontlines of numerous war zones and major events, including the recent anti-extradition protests in Hong Kong. Now, he’s exploring the many faces of an emerging global migrant crisis.

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Trans women compete in women’s sports and many win.  Is that fair? 

Mountain bike racer Leia Schneeberger doesn’t think so. She was winning races until a former men’s cyclist transitioned and started racing. Now that person wins.

Trans athlete and scientist Joanna Harper says that shouldn’t be a problem: “The idea that trans women are hugely going to outperform ... does not hold up to the statistics ... Trans women lose muscle … with hormone therapy.”

Many trans women do take testosterone blockers that help align their body with how they identify. They lose strength and speed.

But developmental Biologist Emma Hilton pushes back, “you can’t fix some performance gaps…. a male could be 40% stronger than a female in his legs."

Schneeberger concludes, “To watch a transgender female ride away from me like it was nothing … was torture.”

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Eric Clapton gets it. Our individual freedoms are under attack using the guise of a farcical pandemic.

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The Democrat's, and the Left's false narrative regarding the reasons for the Cuban protests are rediculous.

John Stossel:

"Cuban-American activist Alian Collazo says it's horrible how some in the media, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, act like they don't understand what the Cuban protests are about. They list things like "not enough vaccines," and "food shortages."

"In which video are people yelling out, 'We want food?' None!" Collazo points out. "What they were yelling was, ‘Down with communism.' And ... yelling loud and clear, 'Libertad!'"

Unfortunately, many people are clueless about the horrors of communism.

I debunk some of their misconceptions in this video."

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Over the weekend, tens of thousands rallied in Sydney to protest the ongoing and escalating NSW lockdown.

And like clockwork, the media demonised and vilified all who attended the Freedom Day March by focusing on a tiny minority misbehaving.

But we knew that was going to happen, so Rebel News sent a camera crew to bring you the other side of the story. 

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Your body your choice, my body my choice.

People who support politicians who mandate vaccine passports are ignorant of the problems and dangers these policies present.

The idea that government will not allow you your freedom unless you allow them to inject an experimental treatment into your body is fascism.

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American Thought Leaders

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey describes both the appeal and inevitable failures of socialism among intellectuals and young people. Mackey explains why economic freedom is the only way to achieve the innovation and scientific breakthroughs that have allowed humanity to prosper.

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Pat Condell’s latest politically incorrect video addresses the crisis of Free Speech taking place across Europe. Mr. Condell is one of the very first YouTube users to make videos daring to challenge the assaults on British and Western culture by the presence of Islam, and then later, of leftism’s destruction of individual freedoms.

In this latest video, Mr. Condell shines a spotlight on authoritative actions of progressives and their various police who arrest, harass and bankrupt those who hold the “wrong” opinions.

Condell has long contended that multiculturalism and political correctness are sucking the life out of western society and making us less free. Condell, who is famous worldwide for his hard-hitting and satirical monologues, delivers another incredible video.

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