American Thought Leaders - Jan Jekielek

“Many societies have been constructed around this idea of clean and unclean. That's what we did. And it's grim. It's brutal. It's anti-modern.”

At the Brownstone Institute’s inaugural conference in Hartford, Connecticut, we sat down with Brownstone founder and president Jeffrey Tucker, to discuss vaccine mandates, the devastating consequences of lockdown policies, and his vision to create an intellectual sanctuary for free discussion and scientific inquiry.

“Shutting the schools, closing the churches, sending SWAT teams into rural Texas bars to arrest people for drinking beers—they did all these terrible things. But once they invested so heavily in this population-wide experiment all over the world, now you have a problem, right? Because you've got a ruling class, that's not going to admit error. So that's when the lies began. And the lies have not stopped,” Tucker says.

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