Professor Angus Dalgleish, mRNA Vaccines Must Be Banned Once and For All

"At the end of last year I reported that I was seeing melanoma patients who had been stable for years relapse after their first booster (their third injection). The number of my patients affected has been rising ever since.

Other oncologists have contacted me from all over the world including from Australia and the U.S.

After boosters the consensus is that it is no longer confined to melanoma but that increased incidence of:

  • Lymphomas, a cancer of the lymphatic system
  • Leukaemias, a group of cancers that affect the blood
  • Kidney cancers

My colorectal cancer colleagues report an epidemic of explosive cancers (those presenting with multiple metastatic spread in the liver and elsewhere).

The ‘vaccine’ did not stay at the site of injection as promised and there was batch-to-batch variability.

These alarming concerns seem to have been brushed off by the regulators when they should have immediately begun investigating them in depth. Yellow Card and U.S. VAERS adverse event reports there is nothing to be worried about.

So why are these cancers occurring?

T cell suppression was my first likely explanation. However we must also now consider DNA plasmid and SV40 integration in promoting cancer development. Reports that mRNA spike protein binds p53 and other cancer suppressor genes.

To promote booster vaccines, as is the current case, is no more and no less than medical incompetence.

No ifs or buts any longer. All mRNA vaccines must be halted and banned now."


Grave Error: How The Media Misled Us

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