Farmers across the western world are protesting against the “Green Policies” that their respective governments are implementing—policies that the farmers claim are completely handcuffing their ability to grow food. And while the farmers in Europe are getting a lot of attention, the farmers right here in America are also getting tied up by ‘Green Policies’ which threaten their livelihoods.
What’s perhaps shocking to a lot of people regarding this situation, is that even though (on the surface) these all appear to be very different battles, they’re actually not. Even though in Germany they’re fighting against diesel subsidies, in the Netherlands they’re fighting against forced appropriations, in Ireland they’re fighting against the culling of cattle, and here in the US farmers are fighting against endless red-tape from the Bureau of Land Management—even though the details in every nation are different—when you look beneath the surface, you actually find that what’s happening is that directives from international organizations (like the UN) are trickling down, and becoming concrete policies at the ground level.

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Grave Error: How The Media Misled Us

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