There is no place like this country. And there is no second America to run to if this one fails. 

So let’s get up. Get up and fight for our future. This is the fight of—and for—our lives. 

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World News

Monday, 20 November 2023 23:46

Tucker Carlson traveled to Buenos Aires to speak with Argentina's now President-elect Javier Milei. This is Milei's advice to Donald Trump.

US News

Saturday, 25 November 2023 05:54

This is a clip from Glenn's show SYSTEM UPDATE, now airing every weeknight at 7pm ET on Rumble. You can watch the full episode for FREE here:

US News

Sunday, 03 December 2023 19:34

Not a Nothingburger: My Statement to Congress on Censorship The key question in censorship is always the same. Who's doing it? Read Matt Taibbi's Statement To Congress On Nov. 30th 2023

Canadian News

Wednesday, 06 December 2023 06:26

Reality: You pay too much tax, because they waste too much money.